Plot With Layout and Plot Offset

If you right click on a tab you can bring up page setup manager. In the page setup manager select plot with Layout.

when I hit print preview it will not be centered

This is also evident in the layout when you have your options set as ‘Display printable area’ and ‘display paper background’.

to center it type ‘mview’ in the command line. and then ‘f ‘ for fit. This will create a viewport around the print area that you can snap to. Next type ‘dist’ to find x and y plot offset. Select the two points shown below with red arrows and you will find the x and y offsets in the command line. You can then delete the view port you just created.

Enter these x and y values in the plot offset dialog

You will now see that the title block is too large for the print area. To fix this you would either scale down the title block or scale up the plot scale. In the example we will scale up the plot scale.

I can see from the viewport that the print area is 10.2125 units high and our title block is 11 inches high. Divide the too and you will find the plot scale needs to be 1.077.

enter this value in the dialog

you will now see it is scaled correctly but it is not fitting so we need to adjust the plot offset.

to fix this we will need to divide each of the plot offsets by the scale.

Now you are finished and you will have a title block that fits inside the print area.

Note that it would be best if the title block was sized to fit the whole print area. Thus i would next stretch the title block to fill the orange area below

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