3D AutoCAD

Add a Viewport and Show Front View

This will create a viewport in paper space and instead of the standard top view, the viewport will show as the front view center(0) = 5.4682: center(1) = 1.4055 dblviewdirection(0) = 0: dblviewdirection(1) = -1: dblviewdirection(0) = 0 Set pviewportObj = acadDoc.PaperSpace.AddPViewport(center, vpwidth, 2.2565) pviewportObj.direction = dblviewdirection pviewportObj.Layer = "viewport" pviewportObj.Display True acadDoc.MSpace = True… Continue reading Add a Viewport and Show Front View


Veiwports with TranslateCoordinates and CHSPACE

The code below will draw a viewport in paper space and zoom to an area in model space. It will then create a circle in model space and then change that circle to to papers pace while still keeping the circle in the same location. Note: for this to work, the MSpace has to be… Continue reading Veiwports with TranslateCoordinates and CHSPACE


Run a Macro at a Specific Time

Sub ImportModules() Debug.Print "test" End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:01"), "domeprog.ThisWorkbook.ImportModules" End Sub The code above will run the macro called 'ImportModules' one second after the workbook is opened. If the macro is located in a class module or in ThisWorkbook class, then you will need to call out the library +… Continue reading Run a Macro at a Specific Time


Viewports and Dimension Scales

Often times its nice to create a drawing package where all the geometry and dimension and text are drawn in model space and want to make different layout tabs showing all the different geometries in the model space. We want all the text and dimensions to be the same size throughout all the print pages.… Continue reading Viewports and Dimension Scales