Viewports and Dimension Scales

Often times its nice to create a drawing package where all the geometry and dimension and text are drawn in model space and want to make different layout tabs showing all the different geometries in the model space. We want all the text and dimensions to be the same size throughout all the print pages.… Continue reading Viewports and Dimension Scales


Clear All Check Boxes In Excel VBA Userform

This example uses a for each loop so that each check box name does not have to be explicitly written out. This is useful when you are adding more control and limit the amount of code you are writing. Better Method Dim ctrl As Control Sub ClearAllButton_Click() For Each ctrl In exportFilesUF.Controls If TypeName(ctrl) =… Continue reading Clear All Check Boxes In Excel VBA Userform


Find Intersect Between Two Block Objects

This code will create two blocks that have a light weight polyline of a triangle and a trapezoid. We want the two object to have a specific gap between them without intersecting. WE CAN DO THIS! No Calculus required. We do this by exploding the block and then offsetting the polyline a specific distance with… Continue reading Find Intersect Between Two Block Objects


Change Tags of all MultiLeader objects

This example shown is for a custom multileader that has additional attributes; although with slight modification it can also work with standard multileader. This is useful when trying to match the pcmarks with the Bill of Material items in a table. The code can be expanded to loop through a BOM table, for simplicity I… Continue reading Change Tags of all MultiLeader objects


Compile Bill of Materials and Remove Duplicates

This example builds upon the methods of finding duplicate data. See In order for a row to be complied, Column A, E and K have to match the data in other rows. After running the example the data was been reduced from 35 rows to 30 rows. This helps purchasing departments so they don't… Continue reading Compile Bill of Materials and Remove Duplicates


Find and Delete Rows With Duplicate Data

This code will use the collection object to quickly determine if data is a duplicate. It uses the .add method and will return an error if the data is already in the collection and wont be added. We can also use .count method to see if that item was added to the collection or not.… Continue reading Find and Delete Rows With Duplicate Data

3D AutoCAD

AddSpline Method

This example will grab scanned data from an excel file and create a visual representation of the scan data in AutoCAD by drawing splines. I haved uploaded the excel file for viewing reference Scan Data_to_Autocad.xlsm Results: Drawn Splines Excel Scanned Data Option Explicit Public MTextObj As AcadMText Public ACLayout As AcadLayout Public acadApp As Object… Continue reading AddSpline Method


Grab Attribute Data from Dwg Files in a Folder

This example will let user select a folder that contains dwg files. It then opens each drawing and extracts attribute data from all the blocks. The data is then put in an excel table. The table is then sorted according to the y coordinate insertion point of each block. For this example I have a… Continue reading Grab Attribute Data from Dwg Files in a Folder


Delete All Drawing Objects

This is useful when you are creating drawings from a template that has inserted blocks or pre-drawn objects. It is also helps when creating many CNC drawings. Instead of creating a new drawing each time, just create one drawing, create objects, save as, delete all, create objects, save as, and repeat until all the CNC… Continue reading Delete All Drawing Objects


Editing Dynamic Block Attributes

Paste the following code into excel VBA module. Next add a folder named 'support' and put the dwg file that has all your dynamic blocks. Keep the 'support' folder in the same folder as the excel workbook. See this post on creating dynamic blocks . I have also uploaded a folder called 'support' on… Continue reading Editing Dynamic Block Attributes