Find Intersect Between Two Block Objects

This code will create two blocks that have a light weight polyline of a triangle and a trapezoid. We want the two object to have a specific gap between them without intersecting. WE CAN DO THIS! No Calculus required. We do this by exploding the block and then offsetting the polyline a specific distance with… Continue reading Find Intersect Between Two Block Objects

3D AutoCAD

AddSpline Method

This example will grab scanned data from an excel file and create a visual representation of the scan data in AutoCAD by drawing splines. I haved uploaded the excel file for viewing reference Scan Data_to_Autocad.xlsm Results: Drawn Splines Excel Scanned Data Option Explicit Public MTextObj As AcadMText Public ACLayout As AcadLayout Public acadApp As Object… Continue reading AddSpline Method

3D AutoCAD

TranslateCoordinates/TransformBy Methods

This example shows how to use TranslateCoordinates and TransformBy methods, which are very helpful when drawing 3D objects in autoCAD with VBA It first draws a closed polyline on the orginal UCS. The original UCS is given a name 'OriginalUCSj' so that we can activate the original UCS again. The polyline is then moved… Continue reading TranslateCoordinates/TransformBy Methods