3D AutoCAD

TranslateCoordinates/TransformBy Methods

This example shows how to use TranslateCoordinates and TransformBy methods, which are very helpful when drawing 3D objects in autoCAD with VBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_07Jjd-pJk It first draws a closed polyline on the orginal UCS. The original UCS is given a name 'OriginalUCSj' so that we can activate the original UCS again. The polyline is then moved… Continue reading TranslateCoordinates/TransformBy Methods


Fillet all Corners of all Polyline objects

This code will fillet all polyline objects on the active autoCAD document from an excel module. This is useful when you have CNC object that will be cut on a plasma cutter and cant have sharp edges for safety reasons. Each fillet will have a radius of 0.25 . The radius can be changed by… Continue reading Fillet all Corners of all Polyline objects